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External Diver Reserved Program (Commercial Diver)

A program that will make your new experience in the world of diving that you have as well as a new job opportunity.

The purpose of this program is to meet the demands of work divers who are in need for our project needs.

Commercial Diver is for the individual who simply has to be underwater, but doesn’t necessarily want to do so with students or tourists, the field of commercial diving is perhaps a good SCUBA diving career to consider. This program also upgrage you to SSBA System. Commercial diving or diving for pay is a broad category that encompasses everything from underwater inspection, maintenance and repair work, use of the up-to-date underwater technology, cleaning boat hulls in the local marina to welding pipes on an offshore oil rig.

Commercial diver training programs typically range from 16 weeks to year in length. But here, you can get it all  within 7 days! Either way, the career prospects are very good. This in turn has created greater demand for offshore personnel including divers, ROV pilots and Life Support Technicians (LST). The industry is currently very buoyant and there are good job opportunities. This is a good time to break into the subsea industry.

Requirements :

  • Female/Male, max. 40 years old;
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV);
  • Hold valid SCUBA Diving Certificate min. Advance Over Water, A2, or equal;
  • Certificate of Health from Public Health Center;
  • Covid-19 Free Certificate : min.Rapid Test (Shows non reaktif prior to enter program);
  • Present working as Dive Guide (non mandatory);
  • English Language speaking & writing active;
  • Dive log min 30 dives; and
  • An inactive dive guide or other dive activist.

FREE Facilities :

  • Class
  • Test Tank
  • In House Certificate;
  • Meals (2*Coffee Break + 1*Lunch);
  • Mess/Boarding House (If necessary);
  • PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) while training;
  • Contract. * Terms and Conditions

Come and Join us in External Diver Reserved Program making a sustainable impact with the largest underwater – Marine Services company in Indonesia and share our values,  Explore the opportunity to join Chakrawala Amartha Jaya now.

Let’s fill out the registration form and send your CV and data to us!

*Limited seat available only selected CV will be proceed for batch 1.

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