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ROV Services

  1. Underwater Inspection
  2. Underwater Photography and Video Record
  3. Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Measurement
  4. Cathodic Protection Measurement
  5. Underwater Pipeline Rectification
  6. Drilling Support


  1. H800 – Inspection ROV depth rated to 800 m
  2. High performance viewing system, with both a colour/zoom TV camera (mounted on a full Pan/Tilt unit) and a B/W very low light TV camera.
  3. High level of modularity, with a wide range of optional sensors and tools, mounted on the ROV itself or on interchangeable skids:
  4. All types of sonars (side scan sonar, imaging sonar…)
  5. Altimeter (with auto altitude function)
  6. Positioning system
  7. High resolution digital still camera
  8. Manipulator arm
  9. Metal detector
  10. Single and ergonomic hand controller for both the ROV and a 5 functions manipulator arm.
  11. Control unit incorporating the power supply unit, and offering a PC screen with either video only, or the combination of video, sonar display and digital still control.
  12. Ease of handling and installation on board of ships, due to compact size and reasonable weight.


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