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PT. CAKRAWALA AMARTHA JAYA is a national company which has been established since November 2008. The Company was formed by a group of senior individuals who involve and have dedication to establish and develop new technology and enhance the quality of workmanship in the Marine and offshore industry.

Safety concepts and procedures were incorporated into our group activities since the establishment of the Company. Moreover, the current of Quality, Safety, and Health and Environmental (QHSE) programs are formulated to strengthen the organization capability and to cope with safety problems with more developed kind of business and more complexity of the operations.

We evaluate our performances periodically by focusing on three aspects:
1. Trust
2. Quality
3. Professionalism

With three company’s aspects, we will always be committed and toke notice of client’s satisfaction in order to maintain and improve our company’s profesionalism and future performances.

To serve and to commit to our company’s concept is our priority to keep our consistency for our customer’s satisfaction. We are also concerned with Safety, Health, and Environmental concepts, and improve our performances and contribution to this country to be the best service company in Marine and Offshore industry.

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